Buying a house

Buying a house takes a lot of time. For example, you may have several questions that need to be answered, such as: What is the technical state of the building? What is a realistic price and how do you negotiate it? Which legislation is relevant to your situation? And how is the buying process progressing? Frans Spendel Real Estage Agent takes all these questions and other concerns out of your hands. We do this by using our knowledge, skills and many years of experience.

Our purchase broker offers:

  •     Up-to-date knowledge as an NVM broker
  •     Local reputation & 40 years of experience
  •     Excellent negotiation methods
  •     Knowledge of the environment and local market situation
  •     Our purchase broker is not to deceive!

Frans Spendel Real Estate Agent

For buying a house in Voorschoten and the surrounding area, Frans Spendel Real Estate Agent has always played an important role as a purchasing agent. We distinguish ourselves in the Voorschoten region by our direct lines of communication, expertise and personal approach.

You can find this working method at our broker's office. Our broker will arrange an orientation meeting in the short term, arrange the viewing, discuss the strategy with you and will use his skills for the negotiations about the price and conditions. He also ensures that all agreements are correctly recorded in legal terms down to the last detail.

We apply very competitive rates. Our assistance with buying a house also results, in almost all cases, in a lower purchase price. This lower purchase price varies between 1.5% and 2.5%. In addition, as the NVM broker, we are always up-to-date to the new homes on the market (NVM, z.d.).

"No Cure, No Pay"

Changes may occur in the process of buying a house, as a result of which you will eventually not buy the house. If the negotiations do not lead to a purchase or if you do not like the property, then you will not owe Frans Spendel Real Estate Agent any amount. We work exclusively on the basis of the ''No Cure, No Pay'' concept.

Would you like to know what our purchase broker can do for you?

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